Catoctin is demanding safer roads, especially Route 15. If elected, my first act will be to install shoulders, up to the bridge, so that our law-enforcement and emergency medical teams can safely provide services. Next, I promise to expedite the already-approved Phase 1 Plan for Route 15 and finally break ground in 2020. Last, I will put “fresh eyes” on the Phase 2 plan and announce a citizen and stakeholder endorsed long-term solution within 100 days.

While Route 15 safety and congestion is the most pressing issue in Catoctin, it is also important to solve for the root issue of interstate commerce between Maryland and Northern Virginia.  As a result, I will diligently investigate alternative river crossings which may prove more suitable for interstate traffic within the Baltimore-Richmond Corridor.

Yes. I am prepared to have this kind of BIG conversation, regarding a new Potomac River Bridge between Maryland and Loudoun County, on day 1.  While the county seeks to invest heavily in road improvements which prioritize safety and reduced congestion along roads like Route 15 and Route 9, our current plans amount to interim solutions, at best.  Building another bridge from Loudoun County across the Potomac is one way to address the root cause of the traffic congestion.  But certainly, the only way to solve the problem once and for all is to bring Richmond, Annapolis, and the US Department of Transportation to the table, along with the private sector, to develop a plan to maximize the potential of the Loudoun-Potomac River transit. By acting together, and focusing on super-regional solutions, we can overcome jurisdictional impediments and achieve solutions at a scale that is equal to the problems we face. In addition, I am encouraged by the mention of a Potomac River Crossing to Route 7 in the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) TransAction Plan.  Perhaps others are coming to the same conclusion about the overall benefit of improving Loudoun-Potomac River transit.